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We are suppliers of generic implant components and dental equipment. We specialise in implantology supplies as our products cover many of the most popular implant brands and systems in the UK. Please explore our website, you can shop for our parts here and check out online. You can also find our libraries for 3Shape®, Exocad® and Dental Wings® here along with instructions on how to install them. We always welcome new customers and are happy to help with any questions you may have.

If you wish to talk to a member of our staff please call on 01803 553333, alternatively you can email us at


In REINER our passion for precision is demonstrated since the beginning of the process. Everything begins in the engineering department, where dimensions and geometries are measured and afterwards, an optimum design is made from the prosthetic point of view. Quality control of all the development is given by the highest standards of the market.


At Reiner Dental focusing efforts in the integral concept of close union: maximum contact between the surfaces of implants and abutments which gives the products:

  • More stability.
  • Minimization of micromovements.
  • Protection against screw loosening.
  • Bacterial sealing.

Avoid micromovements

Reiner Dental are very conscious with the adjustments without GAPs, respecting 100% the connection. GAP existence is equivalent to the appearance of micromovements and instability, which is the reason of loosening, screw break and failure of the prosthesis and implant

Titanium Bases

Reiner Titanium bases are made of grade 5 titanium with titanium nitride coating for an aesthetic finish, 0.45mm cement space and with a chimney height of up to 8mm in angled sections, increasing the cement surface. The 0.5mm thickness of the chimney also increases its mechanical characteristics against the forces that the zirconia crown will withstand. Also available in various gingival heights depending on the connection.